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dressing for: riviera summer

For your upcoming trip near the water...

(collage made by me)

This post has a few sections

  1. Curating the outfit - The ultimate guide if you don't know where to start

  2. Pieces - Tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories

  3. Putting it all together: Outfit inspo - Incorporating all of the elements above into the perfect outfit!

  4. Final Notes

1. Curating the outfit

Picking an everyday outfit is complicated enough, and picking a vacation outfit is only harder. So many options, so few days!! How do you do it!? Here are some things to consider:

The Vibe:

Choose luxurious fabrics, sun soaked color palettes, elegant silhouettes, and bohemian touches to make your outfits sophisticated yet simple.


Though the word riviera is most commonly associated with the French Riviera, it just means coastline in Latin and can be applied for anywhere near the coast.

Water: Whether you're actually going to the French Riviera (I'm jealous!), hopping around Greek islands, or staying in sunny California, one thing they all have in common is the water! This is super important because you want your outfits to be coordinated with the blue!

  1. Fitted clothes. Think silk dresses, tube tops, and knit sets.

  2. Metallic and glittery. This looks super good at night!!

  3. Long items. Maxi dresses and skirts are AMAZING near the water.

Architecture/Just frolicking around: If you aren't around the water or it isn't the spotlight of your photo, you can still incorporate the riviera aesthetic into your outfits!

  1. Have a statement piece. Create a focal point of your outfit with an eye catching skirt or elaborate top.

  2. Simple prints. Don't go overboard with maximalist pieces but having some stripes, florals, and ombre patterns look great!

  3. Shorter items. Here's where your mini skirts and dresses come in! Bonus points if its a matching set with a mini skirt!!

  4. Flowy clothes. Its often windy around the sea so some frills and layered pieces look so good!



  • White looks sleek and elegant, especially around the water.

Warm colors

  • Hues of orange and yellow are the complementary colors of blue so wearing them will look perfect by the water!

  • Having shades of red orange or pink will make you look tan and sunkissed!

Without further ado, lets move on to pieces that fit the points mentioned above!


2. Pieces



(aka skirts)

Dresses & Sets

Other: Jewelry, Hair/Accessories


  • Statement Jewelry

  • Large charms

  • Lots of layered and chunky gold jewelry!


  1. Slick backs

  2. Your fav rectangle or oval sunglasses

  3. A cute cap

  4. Throw in a silk scarf as a top, hair accessory, head scarf, or belt!


3. Putting it all together: Outfit inspo

Almost all photos in this section (2. Pieces) are from Pinterest (others from Staud, Loveshackfancy, and WithHarperLu)


Final Notes

Thats all for this post, sorry I didn't include shoes, bags, or bikinis! Bikinis will come in a separate post so keep an eye out for that, and about shoes and bags, I'm not an expert by any means so I don't think I would give the best suggestions 🫢.

If you want to know where specific pieces are from, definitely comment below and I'll help you out! There are so many items pictured in this post I couldn't go in and say where each one is from 😬 Almost every photo except a handful are from Pinterest though, so image searching on Pinterest is probably your best bet!

I hope this post inspired you and gave you some ideas for your next trip!

In the meantime,

stay stellar 🌟


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