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First post

Hi I'm Emily and welcome to étoilé! I'm a student and literal shopaholic 😬 This is a blog about all things fashion!! I'll post about my favorite brands, items, outfit inspo, reviews, and more!

A bit about me


  • Favorite clothing item: Sweaters

  • Favorite brands: Zadig&Voltaire, Madhappy

  • The vibe: glittery, stars, gold, leopard print


  • Favorite clothing item: MINI DRESSES

  • Favorite brands: Loveshackfancy, Sabo Skirt (hidden gem for summer clothes!)

  • The vibe: floral, silk, eyelet, flowy

and my closet

  • Most common item: Mini skirts

  • Most common brand: Lululemon

  • Favorite item: Blue eyelet mini dress

  • Best find: Madhappy Melrose Place Hoodie OR Staud mini dress dupe ($250 savings?!)

Craziest shopping experience (So about that blue eyelet mini dress...):

I found this cute boutique on Instagram and loved their clothes. Unfortunately, they only shipped within Europe at the time and I'm in the US. I did have a friend in Europe though, so I ordered the dress and sent it to where they were living. The plan was for them to ship the dress back to me from Europe once they got it (expensive, I know 😬). However, the day the package was supposed to be delivered, it suddenly showed that it was failed to be delivered. I was like what does that mean!? But turns out they planned to send the package back to where it came from. I was devastated, but it didn't stop there. The shipping carrier needed the zip code of where the package came from so I emailed the brand's customer service. They didn't respond after multiple emails and I got so worried. Thankfully something happened and the package got shipped back (and I got my money back!). I still wanted the dress though, so soon enough, the brand announces they will start shipping internationally! I was ecstatic and immediately bought it!! So that's the story! Brand is Meet Me There (mixed feelings overall, I'll write a separate post about them).

If you've made it this far, yay thanks! Comment your own favorites!

Look out for a new blog post this month!! Until then, stay stellar 🌟


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