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favs: Zadig&Voltaire

(this post is not sponsored by Zadig - but Zadig if you're seeing this, I love you guys!)

What better way to start off my first blog series than to write about one of my favorite brands of all time!?

Today's blog post is on Zadig&Voltaire!

(photo taken by me! Please don't use without credit!)

A bit of background:

  • Products: Women's and mens ready to wear, bags, accessories, shoes

  • Style: Rock n roll, Parisian, chic, rebellious, edgy

  • Price range:

    • Clothing ~ $100-$1,500

    • Leather Goods ~ $200-$1,200

(photos all from Pinterest)


My favorite Zadig products:


(photo from ShopStyle)

Markus Happy Cashmere Sweater

  • Price: $548

  • Where to get it: Buy/Sell platforms (Poshmark, Ebay)

  • Why: I love the concept of this sweater, it kind of reminds me of pool balls! The smiley faces with the word Zadig is the cutest thing, and I love the color scheme of everything.

(photo from Kids around)

Chris Enfant Sweater

  • Price: ~$125

  • Where to get it: Unfortunately, this style is only available for kids :( It is sold out on the Zadig website

  • Why: The navy blue with white lettering is so timeless and goes with so many things! The lightening bolt is also adorbs. I wish I had this!!!

(photo from Orchard Mile)

Cici Patch Cashmere Sweater in Candy

  • Price: $348

  • Where to get it: There are variations of this sweater in different colors on the Zadig website. For the pink one in the image, I could only find one on Ebay

  • Why: I love this color and the silver stars!! Such an underrated color duo! It also looks soo soft


(photo from Bloomingdales)

Mia Crystal Embellished Guitar Graphic Hoodie

  • Price: Couldn't find

  • Where to get it: Unavailable online :(

  • Why: The crystals are literally everythinggg and I love a good grey hoodie! I personally think green can make hoodies look worse but this one works perfectly to add some variation to your closet!

(photo from The Mix)

Georgy Graphic Hoodie

  • Price: $290

  • Where to get it: Unavailable online :(

  • Why: I love the lettering on the shoulder and sleeves, it makes this hoodie so unique! The logo on the back (not shown) is also literally perfect.

(photo from Zadig&Voltaire)

Avata Concert Crush Hoodie

  • Price: $398

  • Where to get it: On the Zadig website

  • Why: The front of this hoodie is so cute and aesthetically pleasing! The apple shaped as a heart is so on brand and the back also has a Z&V "concert tour list" which I love!! The stitching on the shoulder also makes the silhouette more defined and it stands out from other hoodies. This is my favorite out of all of the hoodies!

Leather Goods:

(photo from Zadig&Voltaire)

Rock Clutch:

  • Price: $348

  • Where to get it: Zadig website

  • Why: The Rock Clutch is arguably Zadig's most iconic item!! Its a staple for any outfit and has so many varieties. Definitely recommend as your first purchase!

(photo from Zadig&Voltaire)

Rock Embossed Clutch:

  • Price: $1,198

  • Where to get it: Zadig website

  • Why: I'm a sucker for gold and the gold with the black croc embossed leather is AMAZING! It looks so chic and sleek!

(photo from Zadig&Voltaire)

Pass Card Holder

  • Price: $118

  • Where to get it: Zadig website

  • Why: The charms on this wallet are so cute and it just represents the brand so well. I have it myself and love it so much!


Why I love Zadig:

Zadig&Voltaire offers an edgy, sophisticated option for those who are tired of boring outfits! Their clothes are distinctive and cool, but not so overstated as to plant logos straight onto the garment. Their sweaters are so versatile and perfect for many settings, while their hoodies are creative and memorable. Personally, I love their use of stars and metallic elements on clothing as well! In a world of boring striped sweaters and hoodies with plain text on them, Zadig stands out! Their bags are also amazingly affordable and fashionable. I love the color options they have! Finally, their logo is just 🤌🤌🤌

So if you want to be that girl, stop by Zadig and you'll be turning heads 🫢

That's it for this post, be sure to comment your thoughts on Zadig!

stay stellar 🌟


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