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the allure of leopard print

(collage made by me)

The revival of leopard print in 2024 has taken the fashion world by storm!! Suddenly everyone has hopped on the trend and invested in some leopard pieces! Scroll for all the deets + some pieces you should buy!!

Sections in this blog post:

  1. History of leopard print

  2. Leopard print pieces

  3. Sustainability


1. History of leopard print

Leopard print first made its high fashion debut in through Christian Dior's 1947 collection as a print. Through the mid and late 1900s, it was a sign of exclusivity and exotic luxury, yet also of boldness and freedom. The 2000s witnessed a resurgence as designers extended its reach to accessories and interior design. In 2024, leopard print continues to appeal to consumers through its sophistication and glamorous look. As it enters mainstream fashion, the print continues to reinvent itself and doesn't really hold sexual connotations anymore. Leopard print is fearless, eclectic, assertive, and untamed. It's a print that doesn't hold back.

Some recent leopard runway looks from Dior, Jacquemus, Celine, and Dolce & Gabanna:


2. Leopard print pieces

The part everyone's been waiting for! Here are my favorite leopard print items for your wardrobe. I think I did pretty good with this one 😄 (not sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands below)




Peppermayo: Violetta Maxi Skirt

I AM GIA: Mayari Skirt

Jaded London: Mini Cindy Plunge Dress


adidas: Wales Bonner Ponyskin Samba

  • How could a post be complete without these? They've taken over tik tok and everyone seems to have them!! The tongue out is up for debate, but I'd say you're lucky to get your hands on these

Golden Goose: Women's Sky-Star with signature and leopard print pony skin inserts

Saint Laurent: Leopard Print Leather Card Case

Jacquemus: Le Chiquito Long bag


3. Sustainability

Animal print has always been controversial due to ethical concerns, but the rise of leopard print fashion has only exacerbated these issues. There weren’t any leopard fur products mentioned in this article, but here’s a brief rundown and what you can do about it:

Real fur vs Faux fur (yup, they are both bad):

Real Fur: kills animals

  • Minks, foxes, and chinchillas are the most commonly used furs in fashion

  • Businesses are built off of breeding these animals then killing them for their fur

  • It takes 50-60 minks to produce 1 fur coat

Faux Fur: contributes to landfill and pollution

  • Made of micro plastics, which are not biodegradable and can take up to thousands of years to break down

  • Uses toxic and poisonous chemicals in production and contains carcinogens 

  • Energy intensive to produce

The solution?

  1. Avoid fur entirely and stick to prints!! Its an environmentally friendly and just as cute alternative 

  2. If you are dying to get a fur coat or fur item though, look into secondhand items!! This reduces extra production of real/faux fur



Remember, leopard print is a neutral 🤗 Don't be intimidated to add it to your closet!!

Hope this post inspired you and gave you new ideas for your next outfits! Comment below your thoughts!

stay stellar 🌟 x


I'm Emily, welcome to étoilé! I'm obsessed with fashion, shopping, and design as you can probably tell! On my blog you'll find outfit inspo, my favorite brands and influencers, clothing trends, brand/product reviews, and more. stay stellar 

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